Baron Beechcraft: Acclaimed and Industry-Leading for a Reason

The Baron line has been around for close to 50 years now. The basic two iterations have remained mostly intact since the inception of the fantastic and acclaimed Beechcraft Baron. The 55 and the 58 make up the core of the Baron.

The 55 is smaller than its famed counterpart. Passengers will have to enter through a baggage door entrance. Riders will not be able to wing-walk, which may be perfectly fine for a specific kind of passenger completely unwilling to explore this daring element of flying. The 55 has also been more affordable, with a price point about $40,000 lower. Due to the price point and the perfectly reasonable simplified features (less space, 520-cubic-inch continental engine), the 55 has always remained the far more popular option of the two.

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The 58 is for the serious charter airplane enthusiast. The compartment is much larger. It features a speed of 156 knots with full weight capacity met, as it soars through the air with a tremendous air penetration speed. It also features a rudder trim- exclusive to the 58.

The Baron features four obvious sets, with a back compartment area suitable for two additional seats. Riders can feel easily accommodated with the four total seats, but owners can put together two extra sets if needed. The Baron 55 is one of the best-selling airplanes in the country because of its price point and performance. It has a spring-loaded linkage system that runs from the nose gear to the fully adjustable rudder pedals. The landing gear is also managed electrically, but it features a manual back-up if necessary. The manual landing system is a lot of fun, and potentially exhilarating (part of the adventure) for passengers needing a special lift.

Baron owners will need to undergo a yearly inspection on a timely basis. ABaron Annual Inspection Central Florida can be found at King Air Service Center Central Florida. The airplane service company is an acclaimed leader in the state. it will review everything mandated by the law, including the ice protection system (for those cooler Florida seasons) and the performance of the twin-engine and tricycle landing gear.

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